Movie Star Planet: Some Basic Information

MovieStarPlanet is definitely an internet role playing game that simulates the lifestyles and also experiences of celebrities & it’s available on both platforms,android and ios. This game provides you with the capability to dress, act, and party like the famous people in Hollywood with millions of others all over the world.You begin as a level 0 newbie without any stylish clothes or even fancy accessories. But don’t worry, as leveling up in MSP is simple as pie.

MovieStarPlanet provides you with the freedom to be WHO YOU Want to BE! Just provide an avatar and begin climbing the ladder to STARDOM! Satisfy new good friends, chat, shop, watch the very best Youtube videos and play games. For more information, you should visit the website here.

Let your imaginative side loose and design your own clothing and create incredible art.

Come and fulfill our Boonies, the cutest animals you’ve ever seen! They require your constant care and attention, so make certain you log in everyday to check up on them!

There are many of enjoyable awaiting you on MovieStarPlanet! On the other hand, we take SAFETY extremely SERIOUS and we ensure to keep MovieStarPlanet a location where moms and dads can trust their children to hang out.

With regular updates there is constantly something totally new to do on MovieStarPlanet.

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